My name is doni and i’m from Indonesia ( Lampung , Sumatra Island ). a  father of 2 beautiful little girls, i love plants especially fruits plants and i was a member of several fruit forums on websites or Facebook groups. i have some tropical seeds for sell, trade or swap which i got from plants in my home backyard ,  my little forest near my farm land. some from around my village and some from my friends in Java and Borneo. Most of them was fruit plants and rest of them was vegetables, herbs, spices, and flowers

Some friends asked me to swap those tropical seeds and plants with their seeds collections but unfortunaelly i just want to swap them with fig cuttings variety( Common type )…yes i know many of you would asking me  why i’m so interesting with figs.. its not about the taste, of course tropical fruit had a better taste 🙂 its all about some cultural heritages and some religious things. so stop ask me about that.. lol ^_^ . So i have decided to sell my seeds collections with economic prices..

All of my seeds were treatment with fungiside and organic giberelic hormone and warp with plastic warp, moss and cover them with bubble warp in an mail envelope. because the quality and trust are the most important things in business . i used this method because most countriescCustom won’t allowed plant materials to enter .

i using Paypal payment method. safe and simple..

you can contact me at :

thanks and regards